Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our mission statement provides a pathway to realize the vision we have that is aligned with the values we have established.


“Our vision is to become an integral consulting company to which people turn to for immigration, education, career and professional development services. We empower individuals to move ahead in life!”


“Our Mission is to open the door of opportunity effectively and competently to those individuals who would like to build a better life for themselves by opening up employment, career and business prospects in Canada.”


The subsequent values we have established for ourselves will enable us to reach our vision through:

Integrity: We will uphold our high standards of reliability in our interaction with people and approach to business at all times.

Ethics: We will conduct our business with the utmost ethical standards and in harmony with our Code of Ethics.

Dependability: We will endeavor to be reasonable, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings with our clients and support them all the way.

Employees: Our people are our strength and we are faithful to their fair and effective selection, development, motivation and recognition in a supportive environment in order to achieve excellence in work and Customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction: We dedicate ourselves to superior customer relations and will exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement in quality and service by capitalizing on opportunities to enable our client’s meet their goals.

Continuous Learning: We will continuously strive for superiority in whatever we do by upgrading ourselves constantly to be of better service to our employees, clients and the community. We are dedicated to growing the company through steady improvement of our operations and pursue opportunities to promote our business model and capabilities to meet new challenges.

We empower individuals to move ahead in life!
Wesley Immigration Consultants