Our Consulting process

We have the primary objective of providing quality Canadian Immigration consulting services for migrants who are interested in settling down in Canada.

Immigration Process

  • Client submits Application for Free Assessment.
  • Immigration route begins with the prospective immigrant presenting the particulars of their educational and professional experience.
  • We then evaluate the clients’ qualifications and appraise their probability to acquire permanent immigration to Canada.
  • We plan a detailed case for submission to the Canadian immigration authorities along with the required documents.
  • We prepare the applicant comprehensively for the interview, where the client demonstrates and proves their suitability for immigration to Canada.
  • We track the various stages of the case and coordinate with the Canadian immigration authorities to ensure a smooth process and reduce clients’ problems.
  • If application is approved, Client will receive Permanent resident visa.
  • We supply clients with information about licensing and registration requirements for professional work in Canada.

Immigration Options

Criteria to sort out clients between various categories:
The criterion we would use to sort clients between different immigration categories is as follows:

  • Study summary of Client’s background thoroughly.
  • Evaluate different categories under which one would qualify.
  • List out Advantages & Disadvantages of each category based on client’s background.
  • Come up with various options & Recommendations of each scenario.
  • Final Analysis of each category based on client’s background.
  • Choose the best fit that meets the client’s objective of landing in Canada.

As Immigration consultants we would examine and present all the options available to a client with respect to his case and choose the best one that would fit his specific background and preeminent chances of him getting the visa to Canada.

Note: We only accept clients who we truly believe will be successful in their applications and have good prospects of settling effectively in Canada.

What is special about our service?

As Canadian Immigration Consultants the strengths of our scheme towards our clients will be:

The niche we as Professional Career counselors may want to define for our consulting practice is Career Guidance and Planning through Psychological Testing. We guide students, individuals & Professionals to find the ideal educational and career match for their personality & aptitude, budget and ambition by providing them with vital information, guidelines and valuable inputs in their search for an international education, work and settlement in Canada.

We Guide individuals in making career decisions through the administration of Psychological Testing & Assessment that gives a guideline for choosing appropriate career and work options. This is completed through our sister concern ‘Insight Psychological Services’ that complements our service.

We will also carry out psychological tests on applicants to find out various aspects of their personality and their suitability for study, work and Immigration to Canada. This is going to be the differentiating factor of our immigration-consulting firm compared to our competitors.

We are Licensed Immigration Consultants authorized by the Canadian Government to advise, represent and consult on Immigration matters bearing CICC License # R416183 from The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants https://college-ic.ca/.

A New Beginning

Canada wants to attract new immigrants on an annual basis with the emphasis firmly focused on immigrants with economic and professional skills from every part of the world.

In Canada you can start a new life, with never-ending opportunities ahead of you. We will help you plan your transition to the new way of life in Canada carefully, patiently and knowledgably.

Wesley Immigration Consultants