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How To Engage our Services

  1. Fill up the Online Assessment Form on our website after identifying the immigration category, student visa, or work permit options available to you.
  2. As soon as we receive the Online Assessment Form We will review the information provided in your Assessment Form and inform you whether you are eligible to apply to immigrate to Canada.
    • All assessments are personally done by our CICC licensed immigration consultant.
    • We will review your background and investigate all possible immigration categories for you & advise you of your options.
    • However, if you DO not qualify at this time, we will advice you as to how it is possible to apply for immigration to Canada in the near future.
  3. We will then send you the results of our Assessment along with our Recommendations.
  4. Applicant requests for an appointment and wants more information about our services and fees and We clarify the same.
  5. We will send you a Retainer agreement outline of our services to you, service fee, installment payments as well as other details. The Retainer Agreement is specific to the procedure involved and differs according to the type of immigration category.
  6. If interested you then sign a copy of the Retainer agreement and send it back to our office along with the first payment.
    Note: To initiate the immigration process with our office you will have to:

    • Sign a Retainer & Fee agreement.
    • Pay us a retainer through any of the various payment options.
    • Send the required documents.
    • Authorization letter for representing you in the application process with IRCC.

    The application process will commence once we receive the above items.

  7. After the Retainer Agreement and the required initial payments are returned to our Office, you will be given a Client Identification Case number and your file will be activated and we will commence work with your file.
  8. Then we shall prepare a complete package to send to you, which contains all of the necessary instructions, application forms, document checklists, and other information so as to permit you to begin the Immigration process to Canada with our assistance.
  9. We obtain the completed application forms with all the required documents along with the government processing fees.
  10. Your application will be organized and we make sure that it is filled out properly with all the information and supported by all the necessary documents required by the government officials.
  11. Then your application will be forwarded & processed at the appropriate Canadian Immigration office.
  12. The time required to complete the processing of your immigration application depends on the Canadian Embassy that handles your case application and whether additional documentation or information is required and if /or whether you will be called for an interview. The Processing time varies among visa offices and between applicants on a case-by-case basis.

We are Licensed Immigration Consultants authorized by the Canadian Government to advise, represent and consult on Immigration matters bearing CICC License # R416183 from The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

A New Beginning

Canada wants to attract new immigrants on an annual basis with the emphasis firmly focused on immigrants with economic and professional skills from every part of the world.

In Canada you can start a new life, with never-ending opportunities ahead of you. We will help you plan your transition to the new way of life in Canada carefully, patiently and knowledgably.

Wesley Immigration Consultants