Express Entry

Express Entry is a new way for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage Economic immigration applications online and is not an Immigration program in itself.

Express Entry will provide a pathway for skilled workers to connect with potential job opportunities in Canada prior to their arrival. Express Entry will provide employers with access to skilled foreign nationals whom they can consider for a Permanent position when they are unable to fill a position with a Canadian or Permanent resident.

The Express Entry pool will include candidates who are each eligible for at least one of Canada’s Economic immigration programs, namely:

  • Federal Skilled Worker program, the
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program and the
  • Canada Experience Class.

Individuals who meet the criteria for one of these above programs will be placed into a pool of candidates.

Provinces and Territories can also recruit candidates from the Express Entry pool through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to meet local labour market needs.

Eligible employers who cannot find a Canadian or Permanent Resident for a Permanent job will be able to consider candidates from the pool who meet their needs.

Express Entry functions as a two-step process.

Step 1: Complete an Online Express Entry Profile.
Step 2: Invitation to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.


Step 1: Complete an Online Express Entry Profile

Potential candidates create an online Express Entry profile

Step one will involve candidates making an Expression of Interest in immigrating to Canada, with candidates who are eligible for one of the Federal economic immigration programs entering the Express Entry pool.

Potential candidates will submit an online Express Entry profile. Candidates make an Expression of interest in immigrating to Canada by creating an Online profile by providing information about their Skills, Work experience, Language ability, Education & other personal information. Candidates who meet the criteria of one of the above-mentioned Federal economic immigration programs are placed in a pool of candidates who are ranked according to a Comprehensive Ranking System. If a candidate does not already have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer or a provincial nomination, he or she must register with Canada’s Job Bank. It is optional to create a Job match account with Job bank.

Candidates who meet the criteria of one of the Federal economic immigration programs subject to Express Entry will be placed in the Express Entry pool.

Jobs offered to Express Entry candidates will be subject to the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirements in place at that time. Those who get a job offer supported by an LMIA will be given an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence.

A Job offer supported by an LMIA will give a candidate enough additional points and be ranked high enough to be invited to apply at the next eligible draw of candidates.

There will be regular draws of candidates from the Express Entry pool, inviting them to apply for Permanent residence. Candidates with the highest scores, including those who have a valid job offer or a Provincial/territorial nomination, will be invited to apply.


Step 2: Invitation to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residence

Candidates with the highest scores in the pool will be issued an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

Selected candidates are invited to submit an Electronic application for Permanent residence.

Step two will involve a portion of those candidates in the pool being issued Invitations to Apply for Canadian Permanent residence.

The Government of Canada as well as employers will select new immigrants from the Express Entry pool. The highest-ranked candidates (i.e. candidates considered to have the best chances for economic success in Canada), and those with valid Job offers or provincial nominations, will then be invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

If a candidate is selected, he or she receives an Invitation to apply for Permanent residence in Canada. He or she will then have 90 days to submit an Electronic application for Permanent Residence. IRCC aims to process applications within six months of the date of submission.

On completion of the process, successful candidates and their dependents will land in Canada as Permanent residents subject to meeting all requirements under Canada’s immigration law.

Candidates in the Express Entry pool who do not receive an Invitation to apply for Permanent residence in Canada after 12 months may resubmit their profile and re-enter the pool if they still meet the criteria of at least one of the Economic immigration programs.


The Comprehensive Ranking System is the Government of Canada’s internal mechanism for ranking candidates based on their Human capital – determined by factors such as age, level of education, language ability, work experience, and whether the candidate has received a job offer from a Canadian employer or a provincial nomination. This helps IRCC to decide which candidates may be issued Invitations to apply for Permanent residence.

There are up to 500 points available for a Candidate’s core human capital (candidates with an accompanying spouse may be awarded up to 460 points for their own core human capital, with a further 40 points available for the core human capital of the spouse), as well as 100 points for skills transferability based on specific combinations of a candidate’s core human capital. A set of additional points of upto 600 will be awarded to candidates with either a confirmed Job offer (5—200) with a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in a skilled occupation brother or sister living in Canada (15), French score (15-30), Education in Canada (30), or a nomination from a Canadian Province or territory (600).

A total of 1,200 points will be allotted under the new system, but there’s no minimum points level required to qualify. Only the “highest-ranking” candidates will be “Invited to Apply” for Permanent residency.

Once an Invitation to apply has been issued to a candidate, he or she will have only 90 days to file a complete application and all supporting documents. No extensions will be granted.

A candidate’s score will change only when they update their profile information. How their score ranks will depend on the scores of other candidates in the pool and will change regularly as applicants are added and removed from the pool.

Candidates in the pool will be able to see their points total under the Comprehensive Ranking System, but there is no concrete pass mark to trigger an Invitation to apply for permanent residence. The point’s total that a candidate may need in order to receive an invitation to apply can change fluidly as other candidates enter and leave the pool.

Candidates who don’t have a confirmed Job offer in a skilled occupation or a provincial nomination going into the pool will be required to register on Canada’s updated Job Bank.

Candidates will be assessed against others within the pool, and be ranked based on known criteria that contribute to a newcomer’s economic success once in Canada. Only the highest-ranked candidates, and those with valid job offers or Provincial/territorial nominations, will be invited to apply for Permanent residence.

Note: It is important that the information provided is accurate, as providing False information could disqualify an applicant from re-entering the pool for a number of years.


Applicant without a Spouse

ITEM DESCRIPTION Points Point Obtained
A Age 110
Education 150
Official Language 160
Canadian Work Experience 80
C Transferable skills 100
Education 50
Foreign Work Experience 50
Certificate of Qualification 50
Total Points 600
D Additional Points : 600
Brother or sister living in Canada 15
French language skills 50
Education in Canada 15-30
Arranged employment TEER 0 Major group 00 200
Arranged employment NOC TEER 1, 2 or 3, or any TEER 0 50
Provincial or territorial nomination 600
Total Cumulative Points 1200

Applicant with a Spouse

ITEM DESCRIPTION Points Points Obtained
A Age 100
Education 140
Official Language 150
Canadian Work Experience 70
B Spouse Factors:
Education 10
Official Language 20
Canadian Work Experience 10
C Transferable skills 100
Education 50
Foreign Work Experience 50
Certificate of Qualification 50
Total Points 600
D Additional Points : 600
Brother or sister living in Canada 15
French language skills 50
Education in Canada 15-30
Arranged employment TEER 0 Major group 00 OR 200
Arranged employment NOC TEER 1, 2 or 3, or any TEER 0 50
Provincial or territorial nomination 600
Total Cumulative Points 1200
 A. Core/Human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner factors + C. Transferability factors + D. Additional points = Grand total – Maximum 1,200 points

How to Prepare for Express Entry

  • Prepare for Language exams – Applicant + Spouse if applicable.
  • Get Education certificates accessed according to Canadian Standards = Applicant + Spouse if applicable.
  • Prepare, promote and present the best profile possible on job portals.
  • Increase chances of being Invited to Apply by improving score through additional education, more experience, improved language score, obtain a valid job offer or consider PNP program etc.
  • Invitation To Apply is given to candidates who are Top ranked in the pool.
  • Apply Online if Invited To Apply.
  • Submitted applications processed through Express Entry in six months or less.

Express Entry Category / Occupation Based Selection

IRCC launched new Category-based selection for Express Entry.

Candidates are invited to apply from a specific category of Occupations based on their profile in the Express Entry. Candidates are invited to apply for Permanent residence based on their ability to communicate in an official language, work experience in a specific occupation, education and other category requirements.

The new Categories are:

Health Care Occupations French Language Proficiency Trade Occupations
Transportation Occupations Agriculture & Agri Food Occupations STEM Professions/ Occupation

To be eligible, must have the following:

  • Applicants should have at least 6 months of full-time, continuous work experience
    • in a single occupation
    • in Canada or abroad &
  • and meet all of the prescribed requirements for that Occupation
Healthcare Occupations Category
Audiologists and Speech language pathologists
Dieticians and nutritionists
Education counsellors
General practitioners and family physicians
Instructors of persons with disabilities
Kinesiologists & other professional occupation in therapy & assessment
Licensed practical Nurses
Massage therapists
Medical laboratory assistants & related Technical occupations
Medical laboratory technologists
Medical radiation technologists
Medical sonographers
Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
Nurse practitioners
Nursing coordinators and supervisors
Occupational therapists
Other occupations in support of health services
Other practitioners of Natural Healing
Other professional occupations in Health Diagnosing and treating
Other Technical occupations in therapy and assessment
Paramedical occupations
Pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants
Physician assistants, midwives and allied health professionals
Registered nurses and Psychiatric Nurses
Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and Cardiopulmonary technologists
Specialists in clinical and laboratory medicine
Specialists in Surgery
Therapists in counselling and related specialized therapies
Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and Acupuncturists

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Professions

STEM Occupations Category
Architects Industrial and manufacturing engineers
Architecture and science managers Information systems specialists
Business systems specialists Land surveyors
Civil Engineers Landscape Architects
Computer and information systems managers Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries
Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) Metallurgical and materials engineers
Computer systems developers and programmers Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers
Cybersecurity specialists Software developers and programmers
Data scientists Software engineers and designers
Database analysts and data administrators Urban and land use planners
Electrical and electronics engineers Web designers
Engineering managers Web developers and programmers
Trade Occupations Category
Residential and commercial installers and servicers Carpenters
Elevator constructors and mechanics Plumbers
Machine fitters Electricians (except industrial and power system)
Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics Welders and related machine operators
Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers and servicers
Transport Occupations Category
Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors Air traffic controllers and related occupations
Transport truck drivers Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors
Railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors
Engineer officers, water transport Railway carmen/women
Deck officers, water transport Managers in transportation
Agriculture and Agri-food Occupations Category
Contractors and supervisors, landscaping, grounds maintenance and horticulture services Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors
Butchers- retail and wholesale

A New Beginning

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