Scope of Services

Scope of Client Services

N S Wesley as an Immigration Consultant

As Immigration Consultants we will do all that is needed to process your papers efficiently and ensure that your immigration application will be prepared and presented in the best possible manner. Mr. N Surendhar Wesley works with you to make certain that only successful applications are submitted to the Canadian High Commission with the highest standard of quality. He will:

  1. Consult with you on the immigration process to evaluate your background in detail, and look into all possible categories of immigration for you.
  2. Acquire all relevant personal, work, and educational details from you and your family members wishing to immigrate.
  3. Determine if any or all of your educational credentials should be further accredited or evaluated before applying.
  4. Advise you of the requirements for any professional registration or licensing pertaining to your potential employment in Canada.
  5. Oversee the evaluation of the clients’ educational qualifications by the Canadian accreditation institutions and Professional bodies so as to obtain eligibility and licensing for work in Canada.
  6. Assess the number of points that you will obtain, and consider any areas where you may be able to improve your case and advise you accordingly.
  7. Establish if there is any immediate possibility of employment opportunities in Canada based on temporary entry either with or without confirmation of the Employment and Skills Development Canada (ESDC).
  8. Manage the Application where it will be researched in depth and presented in a most comprehensive and qualified manner.
  9. Complete the Immigration Application file for filing with either with the Federal, Provincial or Quebec Canadian authorities.
  10. Review all documentation and ensure that only the most accurate of documents, without any inconsistencies or mistakes, are submitted for review by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  11. Draft a cover letter on your behalf to the Canadian Embassy outlining your qualifications and supporting your application for a Permanent Resident Visa.
  12. Provide a copy of our Professional assessment report of your eligibility to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  13. Prepare you and provide assistance at each stage of the immigration process, including the interview, medical examination, and landing in Canada.
  14. Plan for your immigration interview and ensure that you are fully prepared for the interview, if one is required.
  15. Regular follow up with the immigration authorities as your Immigration Consultant and support you throughout the immigration process from Assessment to the point of Visa issuance to Canada.
  16. Provide you with up-to-date information in any changes of legislation relating to issues of immigration that may affect your case.
  17. Accessible to answer any number of inquiries from you promptly, either by e-mail, fax, mail or telephone to provide you with continuous guidance throughout the process.
  18. At times search your Canada Immigration file to see if there are deficiencies which need to be addressed.
  19. Monitor your file & interact with the immigration office on your behalf during the processing of your application and in the event of any unnecessary delay.
  20. Provide information on jobs in Canada and assist you with preparing a Resume and cover letter for entering the employment market in Canada.
  21. Carry out national job searches related to your occupation before the interview if required and doing further job searches once the visa is issued and before landing in Canada.
  22. Present potential immigrants a realistic picture of the immigration process and their prospects in Canada.
  23. Provide detailed information about Canada for Settlement purposes.

We are Licensed Immigration Consultants authorized by the Canadian Government to advise, represent and consult on Immigration matters bearing CICC License # R416183 from The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

A New Beginning

Canada wants to attract new immigrants on an annual basis with the emphasis firmly focused on immigrants with economic and professional skills from every part of the world.

In Canada you can start a new life, with never-ending opportunities ahead of you. We will help you plan your transition to the new way of life in Canada carefully, patiently and knowledgably.

Wesley Immigration Consultants