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  • What is a Provincial Nominee Program?
    A Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a provincially administered immigration program that allows a province to select different categories of immigrants such as skilled workers, business immigrants and others who will contribute to the economic growth of that particular province.
  • Which provinces have PNPs?
    All Canadian provinces have Provincial Nominee Programs except Nunavut & Northwest Territories. Quebec has its own immigrant selection system.
  • What are the advantages to an applicant who is approved for a PNP?
    An individual who is nominated by a province will be able to apply for permanent residence in Canada without being assessed under Federal selection criteri

    A Provincial Nominee applies for permanent residence under the Provincial Nominee Program which allows his application to be processed more quickly since the only responsibilities the Federal government has with respect to the application is to determine if the applicant is medically admissible, has a clean background and not a security threat.

    Provincial Nominees usually have their permanent resident applications processed in 6-12 months by visa offices as opposed to 2-4 years or longer for skilled workers. Also, a Provincial Nominee has the ability to enter Canada on a Work Permit within weeks of approval by the province and remain in Canada working while the permanent residence application is being processed.
  • Which province has the easiest PNP to obtain approval from?
    It is not possible to take a broad view because each PNP is designed to meet the economic and demographic needs of that particular province.
  • How long does it take a province to approve an applicant for PNP?
    It depends on each province. However, most provinces try to finalize applications in less than 6 months. But as PNPs become more popular, processing times will probably rise in the future.
  • Is there an extra expenditure to apply to a PNP?
    In some cases, Provinces with PNPs charge processing fees over and above the federal fees while others have no application fees.
  • How do I determine if I qualify under one of the PNPs?
    Each of the PNPs lay out their selection criteria on their websites. In general, provinces only want to select applicants who have or will establish a strong connection to that province. For instance, a job offer is usually required for skilled workers while a commitment to establishing or investing in a business is required for business immigrants.
  • Will I be required to complete IELTS or any another language test to be approved by a PNP?
    Generally, no. Provincial Nominees are not assessed with reference to the “points system” established by the federal government.
  • Does approval of a PNP guarantee that my immigration application will be approved?
    Not necessarily but the probability of approval is very high. Over 90% of Provincial Nominees are approved for immigration by the federal government. The only reasons for not approving a Provincial Nominee are:
    • Medically inadmissibility
    • Criminal or security inadmissibility
    • Visa officer does not believe that the applicant will live and/or successfully establish him or herself in the province that has nominated him or her.
  • Who do I apply to first in order to be approved as a Provincial Nominee?
    Every PNP requires that you first submit an application to the province before applying to a visa office under the Provincial Nominee Class. The province must first approve you and issue a Nomination Certificate and advise the visa office that you have been nominated before you can be approved for an immigrant visa by the visa office.
  • What if my employer in Canada wants me to come right away?
    Many PNPs will entertain urgent requests for approval from employers in their province. Once the province has nomination, a Provincial Nominee can apply for a Work Permit based on provincial support. A successful Provincial Nominee can be in Canada working in as short as 2-3 months.
  • What if I have already applied under another category? Can I switch to the Provincial Nominee Class if a province approves me?
    In principle, Federal immigration legislation does not allow for an applicant to switch categories. But in practice, if an applicant has already applied as a skilled worker or other federal class immigrant and is subsequently approved as a Provincial Nominee, then that applicant can effectively switch categories by paying new processing fees to be evaluated under the Provincial Nominee Class.

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