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Student Assessment Services

We provide Counseling services to students interested in studying in Canada. We guide students in giving considerable thought to their future professional career and make a personal choice based on factors important to them by focusing on their personality, aspirations and needs.

Our AIM is to help students and professionals make the best decision towards their education and settlement abroad in Canada. Career choice is a tough decision and we guide our clients by educating and informing them about all avenues available.

We offer value added services that can’t be obtained anywhere else and support all students aspiring for an overseas education in Canada. These include:
  • Complete admission, application & Visa guidance for Canada
  • Identify the college that is best suited for the course you are interested in
  • Compile list of educational institutions approved by the Canadian government
  • Detailed Information to students on educational opportunities in Canada
  • Guidance to arrive at a programme that will help you build a successful career
  • Plan your application thoroughly while applying to Universities & colleges
  • Help students find the ideal educational match based on their aptitude, budget and ambition.
  • Assistance with applications and admissions to colleges and universities
  • Assist students in various stages of application process to obtain Letters of Acceptance
  • Information and assistance in obtaining Bank loans and Financing Studies
  • Steps on how to obtain a student visa
  • Preparing for the Visa Application Process
  • Visa Application Processing & Counseling for Canada
  • Pre-visa interview guidance
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Assistance in obtaining medical insurance
  • Pre departure briefing
  • Counseling on possible Immigration after completing course in Canada

Steps for Planning of Education in Canada
  • Explore Career Choices
  • Identify the higher education program of your interest
  • Determine suitable places in Canada where you would like to pursue higher education
  • Find out the minimum educational qualifications required for admission into a particular program
  • Identify the appropriate Colleges & Universities in Canada
  • What are the application procedures for admission into the selected program
  • Plan and prepare for the standardized tests required for application
  • Pre-apply to the selected universities by requesting for application material
  • Collect and complete all the required application documents
  • Get hold of the necessary immigration documents to apply for student visa

A simple schematic to illustrate the service activities involved in counseling students for admission to Canadian Colleges & Universities:

Counseling Steps of Service Activities
Initial Screening of client
Student provides background information
Applications screened in tune with academic background & proposed course of study.

Counseling Process

Counseling Process through various Application Stages

  • Career Guidance
  • Research Process
  • Decision Making
  • Admission Processing
  • Financial Funding
  • Visa Application
  • Accommodation
  • Predeparture Briefing
  • Immigration

Our Services
  • We will help you gain acceptance into colleges & Universities
  • We will obtain student visas for you
  • We will acquire work permits for you
  • We will help you immigrate to Canada
  • We will help you get settled once you arrive in Canada
  • We can make it all happen for you.

Our Company can assist those who want to study in Canada. If you would like our help, please fill out the Student Assessment Form and we will get back to you with our assessment.

Professional counseling by people who have lived, studied & worked in Canada!

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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ICCRC Membership Number is R416183

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