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PNP Chart

  • 1978 - 1991
  • Canada Quebec Accord grants certain selection powers & sole responsibility for integration & settlement services.


June 29 1998
  • Encourage the development of official language minority communities
  • Agreements give funds and responsibility for settlement services
  • Attract business immigrants
  • Select a small number of immigrants to meet specific labor market needs
  • Selects skilled workers who have the training, work experience, and language ability to be employed in Mb

Applying for a Permanent resident visa as a Provincial nominee is a two-part process:
  • The MPNP is responsible for nominating applicants for permanent resident status in Canada who have satisfactorily demonstrated their intention and ability to establish successfully as skilled workers in Manitoba.
  • The Government of Canada is responsible for ensuring that all applicants for permanent resident status meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act including all medical, criminal, and background checks.

Categories of Immigrants:
  • Skilled Workers & Business Immigrants
  • International Students

Skilled Workers:
  • Skilled Workers should have sufficient training, language ability, job offer and work experience
  • License or certification relevant to the occupation
  • Meet requirements of MPNP Occupational Requirements List

Business Immigrants:
  • Business people who can purchase or establish a business in MB
  • Net worth of $350,000
  • Investment of $150,000
  • 3 years of experience in senior management role of a successful company
  • Establishment or purchase of a business in Manitoba
  • Exploratory visit to Manitoba to investigate business opportunities for 7 days
  • Cash Deposit 75,000


March 16 1998
  • New agreement on January 19 2005
  • Encourage the development of official language minority communities
  • Select a small number of immigrants to meet specific labor market needs
  • Help expand and diversify economy
  • SK can nominate a set number of applicants who will make a significant economic contribution to province
  • Allows the applicant to initiate the process.

Category of Immigrants:
  • Skilled Workers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Members
  • Long Haul Truck Drivers
  • Health Professions
  • International Students and
  • Farmers

Skilled Worker: allows a foreign skilled worker to be nominated for jobs in SK
  • An employer can recruit a foreign educated and trained worker with specialized skills for a permanent position
  • Confirmed permanent full-time offer of employment with an employer
  • Be applying in an occupation or trade that falls into the NOC Matrix level “A” or “B”
  • Score a minimum of 35 points on the Self-assessment form.

Entrepreneur Category:
  • 3 –5 years of business experience or management background
  • Conduct a Exploratory Visit + Visitation Seminar and interview
  • Business Plan with level of investment, type of industry
  • Net worth of $250,000
  • Invest $150,000 in a proposed business
  • Intend to own 33.33% of their business
  • Good faith deposit of $75000
  • Fulfill terms within 2 years of landing
  • Play an active role in the management of business

British Columbia
  • May 19 1998 – New in 2001
  • Immigrants based on their ability to contribute to the BC economy
  • Agreements give funds and responsibility for settlement services

Attract various types of immigrants
  • Strategic Occupations
  • Business Categories

Strategic Occupations: are for skilled individuals who have a guaranteed job offer & selected because of shortage of workers in BC.
  • Skilled workers
  • Registered Nurses
  • International Students

Individuals cannot apply directly to the program and applications are received from BC employers.
  • Skilled workers: are highly skilled immigrants to fill critical labour shortages in BC based on certain sectors as high priorities
  • Registered Nurses: helps public health employers to address Nurses shortage
  • Nurses should possess a letter from the Registered Nurses Association of BC stating eligibility for a work permit
  • Applications to be submitted directly to Health Match BC
  • International Students: Recruiting academically strong graduates who can meet the future skill needs
  • Student’s employment in BC will fill future skill needs
  • Students should have completed 1-2 years of study at undergraduate or graduate level in BC
  • Specialties include IT, Hospitality, International Trade, Finance & Accounting & other fields etc

Business Categories: Provide BC with a mechanism for increasing economic benefits
  • Business skills: Individuals with specific business projects & financial resources to establish a business in BC
  • Projects: Individuals essential to the success of projects such as managers, employees or business owners
  • Regional Business: Business projects outside the Greater Vancouver area

New Brunswick

  • February 22 1999
  • Select a small number of immigrants to meet specific labor market needs
  • Fill labor market shortages or create employment & business
  • Guaranteed job offer in intended occupation or an approved plan to do business in NB

Applicants can apply in 2 categories
  • Job Offer Applicants
  • Business Applicants

Job Offer Applicants
  • Require a full time permanent job offer from NB company
  • Obtain a minimum of 50 points
  • Relevant licensing & accreditation for that occupation
  • Negotiating an offer of employment is the applicant’s responsibility
  • Employers to demonstrate that they are having difficulty finding these skills
  • Employer to complete Guaranteed job offer form (NBPNP 004)
  • Job meet provincial employment standards and wages
  • If selected application will be forwarded to CIC along with the NB certificate of nomination

Business Applicants
  • Business skills relevant to the business that is proposed to be started in NB
  • Previous management experience as a senior executive or business owner
  • Adequate Personal Net worth which varies
  • Capital available for investment in a business
  • Sufficient funds to finance I phase of business venture
  • Support family for 2 years
  • Active role in business
  • English/French skills
  • Obtain a minimum of 50 points
  • Demonstrate knowledge of interested business sector
  • Submit a business plan for approval
  • Settle permanently to live and work in NB


  • September 1 1999
  • Recruits immigrants who have specialized occupational or entrepreneurial skills
  • Select a small number of immigrants to meet specific labor market needs
  • Sign a $50,000 bond.

  • Occupational / Skilled Worker
  • Immigrant Entrepreneur
  • Immigrant Partner

Occupational/Skilled Worker:
  • Specialized skills and experience
  • Must achieve 50 points on self assessment
  • Nominees must settle in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Communicate in either English or French.
  • Meet provincial credentials standards for professional licensing
  • Occupation within the strategic sector list

Immigrant Entrepreneur:
  • New business or purchase an existing business
  • 5 years of management or entrepreneurial experience
  • Net worth of $450,000
  • Investment of $200,000
  • Deposit of $100,000
  • Business plan
  • Exploratory visit

Immigrant Partner
  • Invests in a new or existing business as a director or senior manager
  • Net worth of $750,000
  • Investment of $200,000
  • Deposit of $ 25000
  • Business Plan
  • Active role in company
  • Exploratory visit
Applicant invests and actively participates in a new or existing business as a Director or a Senior manager located in Newfoundland.

Prince Edward Island

  • Canada-Prince Edward Island Cooperation on Immigration in 2001
  • Achieve certain socio-economic goals

  • Professional and Skilled Worker
  • Immigrant Entrepreneur
  • Immigrant Partner
  • Immigrant Connections

Skilled Worker:

  • Exploratory visit to PEI & appear for a Pre Nomination interview
  • Age group of 21-49 years
  • Score 50 points on Self assessment
  • Good language skills in English / French
  • Permanent full time job offer from PEI employer
  • Relevant licensing requirements for specific occupation
  • Employment fills skills shortage in PEI

Immigrant Entrepreneur:
  • Net worth of $400,000
  • Invest $200,000 to establish a new enterprise
  • Business investment deposit of $100,000
  • Good faith deposit of $25,000

Immigrant Partner:
  • Several years of management or business ownership
  • Make an investment and participate as director or a senior manager
  • Net worth of $400,000
  • $200,000 investment by preferred shares in a PEI company
  • Good faith deposit of $25,000
  • Visit PEI for a minimum stay of 3-5 business days
  • Interview by a PEI Program Officer

Immigrant Connections: Family & Friends sponsored
  • Prove the relationship to the Champion
  • Have an offer of employment capacity to work on PEI
  • Appropriate Work history
  • Employability based on education, training and work experience
  • English Language skills
  • Capacity for integration into the community


YNP attracts business expertise and investment capital to fill critical labor shortages

Skilled Worker Stream
  • Skilled worker trade or skill must be listed as an occupational skill shortage.
  • Have required certification/ accreditation for specific trade or occupation
  • Licensed or accepted by a body governing the occupation or trade
  • Basic communications in the official language of the work place.

Business Stream
Entrepreneur Eligibility Criteria are:
  • Proven business skills & want to own and operate a business
  • Investment of $150,000 into starting or buying a business.
  • Net worth of $250,000.00
  • Visited Yukon at least once prior to filing an application.
  • Basic communication skills in one of two official languages.
  • Experience and education to implement the proposed business plan.
  • Demonstrate ability to implement business plan

Professionally self-employed Eligibility Criteria are:
  • Profession must be listed as a professional skill shortage.
  • Satisfy any certification or accreditation requirement
  • Licensed/accepted by the expert body governing the profession
  • Conduct basic communications in the official language of the workplace.
  • Visited Yukon at least once prior to filing an application.
  • Sufficient financial resources to start and operate the professional practice
  • Detailed Business plan for business or practice


Alberta PNP involves the foll steps:
  • Employer completes & submit for assessment
  • Recommends employer application to AlPNP
  • Employer recruits worker and completes Guaranteed Job Offer form
  • Nominee completes the skilled worker form
  • Nominee complete federal application forms to CIC for visa processing

Types of Categories:
1. Employer Driven Stream
  • Skilled Worker Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • Semi-Skilled Worker Category [Under Construction & to be updated]
    • Food and Beverage Processing Industry
    • Hotel and Lodging Industry
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Trucking Industry

2. Self Employed Farmer Stream
Skilled Worker Eligibility Criteria:
  • Skilled workers be inoccupational levels O, A or B as defined by NOC
  • Job offer is permanent, full-time employment from Pre approved employer
  • Offered to an individual who has required qualifications and certifications
  • Employees meet all licensing & regulatory requirements
  • Possess relevant qualifications, work experience, certification and work permit
  • Positive Labour Market Opinion (HRSDC)

Self-Employed Farmer Criteria
  • Farm owner restricted to primary agriculture enterprises
  • Priority to applicants purchasing farming enterprises that meet agri-food growth targets
  • Document investment intentions through proposed business plans

Applicants should prove Farm management skills:
  • Financial documentation of existing farm enterprise.
  • Education, training & work experience.
  • Proposed business plan for farming enterprise being considered in Alberta.
  • Canadian financial institution willingness to finance proposed farming enterprise.

Other Requirements:
  • Invest $500,000 of equity in farming enterprise in Alberta.
  • Net worth of $500,000 or show access
  • Financial resources to develop a sustainable farming operation
  • Contact Alberta Agriculture to display financial capability & interests in investing
[ No PNP Business category]

Nova Scotia

  • August 2002 / Employer Driven
  • PNP to help employers fill critical skill shortages in permanent workforce & to create economic benefit for provincial economy
  • Encourage development of official language minority communities
  • Select a small number of immigrants to meet specific labor market needs

Types of Streams:
  • Skilled Worker
  • Family Business Worker
  • Community Identified
  • Economic & International Graduate

Eligibility Criteria for Skilled worker:
  • Work experience of 2 years related to position & skills of job
  • Permanent fill time job offer from an established Nova Scotia employer
    • Job offer provides compensation in the form of a salary and benefits package
    • Priority to jobs with salary of $10.00 hour or annual wage of $20,000
  • Qualifications, training, work experience & appropriate licensing required
  • Meet criteria for age, education, language ability, work experience, & adaptability
  • Legal status in country of residence
  • Sufficient settlement funds to pay immigration fees & for living expenses
  • Genuine intention and ability to settle down

Eligibility Criteria for Community Identified:
  • Not be eligible for any other NSNP streams
  • Legal status in country of residence
  • Letter of Identification from a community Org.
  • Established connections in specific community
  • Intend to settle permanently in that NScommunity
  • Be employable with skills, training & work experience for future employment
Economic Stream: Not currently accepting any new applications until it is redesigned into an Entrepreneur Program by end of 2008


  • Ontario Pilot PNP launched May 27 2007
  • Canada Ontario Immigration Agreement signed on November 21 2005
  • Employers to fill labor requirements in 20 specific occupations
  • Occupations in health, education, manufacturing and construction sectors

Two categories:
  • Employer Category
  • Multinational Investor Category

Employers must meet foll criteria:
  • Existing and in operation for at least 3 years before the date of application
  • Gross revenue of $1,000,000 in previous fiscal year
  • Have five permanent full-time employees
  • Place of business located in Ontario

Employer Category has 3 main streams:
  • Professional has 10 occupations in health care & education systems
  • Skilled Worker has10 occupations in construction & manufacturing sectors
  • International Graduate targets those recent graduates who are qualified to work in above-mentioned 20 occupations. Program focuses on retaining international students, graduating from Ontario universities & colleges
Eligible applicants must have a permanent, full-time job offer, for which they are qualified, from an approved Ontario employer in a suitable occupation in any one of the three streams of Employer Category.

Multinational Investor:Assists entry of key personnel into companies that are making major investments in Ontario.

Companies must meet foll criteria:
  • Make a qualifying investment of $10 million or more
  • Create 25 net full-time permanent positions

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