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PNP International student chart



International Student

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An MPNP applicant is eligible to apply to this stream if :
  • Graduated from a post-secondary program in Manitoba
  • Successfully applied for a post-graduation work permit from CIC
  • Currently working in Manitoba
  • Has received a full-time, long-term job offer from MB employer
  • Has been working for that employer for the last 6 months

Graduates eligible from other Provinces:

  • Working with MB employer for 6 months
  • Demonstrate ties to Manitoba



Foreign Student PG Work Permit
A SINP Student applicant is eligible to apply if:
  • Graduated from a program of at least one academic year of full-time study in Saskatchewan
  • Received a certificate, diploma, or degree from a recognized Saskatchewan post secondary educational institution
  • Worked for a Saskatchewan employer for a minimum of six (6) months under a CIC post graduation work permit
  • Currently has a Permanent full-time job offer from a Saskatchewan employer
  • Job may not be in an occupation related to their field of study

British Columbia


International Student Requirements
  • Degree or diploma conferred by a recognized post-secondary institution in BC before accepting an Offer of employment.
  • Completed a minimum of two years for a bachelor’s degree, and one year for a graduate degree in BC
  • Length of program should be greater than 12 months of full time study
  • Graduates should have an overall mark of at least 70 percent in their program.
  • Applications submitted within one year of date shown on nominee final official transcript.
  • Applications considered for eligible occupations in the Skilled Workers category of NOC O, A & B.
  • Permanent full-time job offers related to their fields of study required from BC employers before approval by the PNP.
  • Not required to have previous experience

International Post-Graduates Pilot Project

Masters or Doctorate applicants must have satisfied all requirements in order to be considered under this category

New Brunswick




Student Criteria for PNP:
  • Obtained a diploma, degree, or have completed a graduate level program from a publicly funded community college or university in Alberta.
  • Course a minimum of 2 years in duration at undergraduate level or a minimum of one year at the graduate level.
  • Obtained permanent full time employment for a minimum of 6 months related to their field of study and
  • Hold a valid work permit prior to the employer filing an application with the Alberta PNP.
  • Employed on a PG work permit for at least a minimum of 6 months in a skilled occupation related to their field of study

Prince Edward Island


No International Student Category



No International Student Category


Nova Scotia




Eligibility criteria for Pilot PNP

  • Recent graduate from an Ontario college or university and have a job offer in one of the eligible occupations
  • Can apply to Pilot PNP if they obtain a permanent full time job
  • Completed at least half of their studies in Ontario, and graduated from eligible Ontario college or university
  • Graduated from a field of study related to job offer
  • Apply within 2 years from date on which they received their degree or diploma, or may apply during last semester of completing degree/diploma.
  • Completed 2 year Diploma or degree program or one year post graduate degree program
  • Job Offer does not have to be related to their field of study
  • Processing fee of $ 1500

Masters / PhD Graduate Stream allows graduates from Ontario publicly funded universities to apply to live permanently in Ontario.

  • Graduates of a Masters / PhD program
  • Do not need a job offer to qualify for the program
  • Apply within two years of the date on which Masters /PhD was granted

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