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In 2011, the Government of Canada passed new legislation—Bill C-35—that makes it illegal for anyone other than an accredited Immigration representative to provide advice or otherwise represent a client during an application or proceeding with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

What you can do

What you can’t do

Direct someone to the CIC website to find information on Immigration programs

Explain or provide advice on someone’s immigration options

Direct someone to the CIC website to find immigration application forms

Provide guidance to a client on how to select the best immigration stream

Direct someone to an authorized immigration representative

Complete and submit immigration application forms on a student’s behalf

Provide translation services

Communicate with CIC & CBSA on a clients behalf

Provide courier services

Represent a client in an immigration application or proceeding

Provide medical services

Advertise that you can provide immigration advice for consideration

Make travel arrangements


Advise an international student on how to select their courses or register for program

Source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada

Education agents cannot charge student fees for helping complete their student visa application forms, compile supporting documents and submit the applications on the student’s behalf to a Canadian visa office under Bill C-35. Thus, International student agencies are not authorized to assist with study permits to Canada.

According to Canadian law, it is illegal for education agents / consultants either in Canada or overseas who are not recognized by Citizenship & Immigration Canada to provide study permit assistance or Immigration advice for a fee. Only ICCRC members, Lawyers and a few others are authorized to do so.

If an International student agent is also an ICCRC member / lawyer he can do so.

We are ICEF certified Education Agents and a Canada Course Graduate bearing No: CCG00053 .You can see our listing at https://www.icef.com/agent-training/canada-course/canada-course-graduates/ccgfinder.html

We are Licensed Immigration Consultants authorized by the Canadian Government to advise, represent and consult on Immigration matters bearing Membership No: R416183 from the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. www.iccrc-crcic.ca

If you are a student and want someone to help you with your study permit, you need to make sure that the person is recognized by Citizenship & Immigration Canada as an Authorized representative to process your visa application.

We are authorized Consultants under Canadian Legislation Bill C-35 to advise students on their Immigration options in Canada as well as apply for a Study permit by completing their visa applications on a Student’s behalf unlike other education agents.

We at WIC can do both as authorized Education and Immigration consultants!

Free Assessment for Study in Canada

Our Company can assist those who want to study in Canada. If you would like our help, please fill out the Student Assessment Form and we will get back to you with our assessment.

Come with us to study, work and immigrate to Canada.

Professional counseling by people who have lived, studied & worked in Canada!


Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Please scan the following QR Code to verify our regulated status with the ICCRC, Canada.

ICCRC Membership Number is R416183

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